House Rules

The following house rules are a guide for all of us to enjoy a comfortable, cozy and clean home.
Please read these house rules and help us keep the
houses as a warm home away from home.

Tobacco-free house:

Smoking is prohibited inside the house. Please use the terraces outside if you want to smoke. Also, for your safety, it is forbidden to light candles inside or outside the house. Our team will teach you how to start and use the fireplace properly as well as how to handle the wood.

WC toilet services:

The drainage systems in Peru are very fragile. To avoid having unpleasant problems with blocked toilets or drains, please do not throw toilet paper, sanitary napkins, or tampons in W.C. In each bathroom, there is a trash can where you can throw away the papers and so on.

Electric heaters:

Most houses in Peru do not have heating systems. In the Peruvian highlands, the nights and dawns can be very cold. For your comfort, we have put electric heaters in each bedroom. Do not hesitate to turn on the heater when you need it but we beg you that when you are no longer in the room or leave the house turn off or unplug the electric heaters.

Visits of people not registered with the group:

For your safety, we ask that you do not bring strangers into the group at home. If you have a last-minute guest to sleep in the house, please notify our staff. If the number of people in the group is adequate for the accommodation capacity of the house, additional passengers can be accepted. Please, see that there is an additional cost per person. Take special care not to let strangers into the house. It has happened that some guests have bought tours from street vendors. These vendors come home to explain everything about the tours. Once the traveler has paid, the seller disappears and the tourist does not know where to go to make a claim.

Parties in the house:

Our houses are enabled so that you and your group have a home where you can rest and enjoy being together in private and in peace. For this reason, it is not allowed to organize parties with strangers or additional to the group that has made the reservation. We ask for silence and tranquility from 10:00 p.m.

Use of furniture and things in the house:

We have prepared and decorated the houses with a lot of love and our furniture we love because they serve us to enjoy the rest, reading or games. We like to have the house clean and beautiful for our guests and for ourselves. Many pieces at home are made by Peruvian artisans from different peasant communities. If you like something do not hesitate to ask the staff where you can buy Please treat the house and its things with love!

Use of household appliances:

The houses are equipped with useful appliances (hair dryers, blenders, ovens, etc). We ask that you make good use of them. If something breaks, if it does not work or if you do not find something you need, please let the staff know to replace or repair it. We have also placed many adapters in the plugs. Leave them in place. Do not take them, please!
Think that the next guest will need them just like you.


A Wasikullpachay staff member runs her owm small laundry service bussinnes. She does it with care and responsibilty.  Her prices are correct and she will pick up the clothes from the house and deliver back to you at home. 

We hope you understand that these house rules allow us to maintain a healthy, happy and welcoming environment for all!