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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pack your homes and bring them with on your travels when you visit Cusco, Peru? After every adventure to come home to your favorite place; that reading corner, the children’s toys or the family dining table.

This is our offering at ‘WASIKULLPACHAY’. In the Andes native language Quechua, ‘Wasi’ translates to ‘home’, and ‘WASIKULLPACHAY’, ‘a home to rest in’. With our houses and services, we offer you a cozy home base where you can process all of the discoveries of the day and enjoy time with your family or friends.

Traveling is an opportunity to discover different cultures and have fascinating experiences in exotic places. We believe traveling is also an opportunity to get to know ourselves better and become aware of our place in this world.

Enjoy your excursions when you visit Cusco and we will take care of the rest!

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Wasikullpachay = “A home to rest in”

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holiday homes in the Sacred Valley & Cusco, Peru.

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